DVLA UK: A Brief History Of Car Registration In United Kingdom

Vehicle number plates are known as a unique identifier helping in recognition of the cars and their owners. Similar to DNA, you won’t find any two number plates being same, and there exists only one registration for one vehicle. Suppose your car is numbered MG03 MVS, you won’t find another car with the same numbers. I n the UK, all these information related to registration of your vehicle is controlled and checked by an organization known as Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA. The agency takes a note of not only the car registration but also many other matters associated with the vehicles running in the UK. It also maintains a track record of drivers in Great Britain and keeps a check on their driving activities.

Origin Of Motor Car Registration In The UK

Over the years the format of car registration in the UK has undergone various changes in order to meet the increasing number of cars on roads. Car registration in the UK was made compulsory with the introduction of Motor Car Act in 1903. Back in their years, DVLA did not come into force, and it was the responsibility of the local council to administer the car registration procedure and norms. But the council started facing aproblem when the vehicles registered under it was sold to someone else belonging to another area under another council. This problem grew larger when more and more cars came up on roads, and the council became feeble with the car registration due to this rush.

Birth of DVLC/DVLA

Considering the local council’s feeble condition with the registration, DVLC or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre came into existence in 1965 taking over the charge of car registration and issuance of number plates in the country. The body started its function with the head office set up in Swansea and about 81 offices at the local base supporting the process. With the passage of time, post offices also joined with the car registration process leading to the closure of many DVLA local offices. Eventually, the local DVLA offices reduced to a number of 53 around 1985, and the head office took over the name Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Registration Formats Used By DVLA

DVLC/DVLA with its existence brought in 3 different formats of the registration number. They are namely known as Suffix style registration number, Prefix style registration and the new style pattern of the registration number. From 1963 to 1983, suffix style registration number continued existence. In this format, three letter were followed by three number and another letter like BDC 450A. As the suffix style exhausted, the prefix style made its debut with the reversal of the suffix style like A450 BDC. However, letters I, O, Q, U, and Z were never used in both the formats.

The New Style DVLA Car Plate Numbering Pattern

The new style DVLA car plate number registration succeeded the prefix style and came into existence in 2001. This number plate format display the age of the car or when the first registration was made in the middle with 2 letters preceding and 3 letters succeeding it. For example AB03 DEF. The first two letters are related to the area to which the car belongs. However, some changes are noticed with it presently where you can also use the initials of your name on the number plate. This was done to meet up the numbers and letters getting exhausted with millions of car getting registered with the agency. With the use of the initials, it can be said that car number plates are no longer just a vehicle’s identifier but also is an important accessory for it.

Enjoy the DLVA services with regards to Motor Registration

There are so many different driving agencies that you may come across to offer the best license services or dealing with motor registration. But if you are looking for a reliable service which offers you the desired outcome at a great value then you should certainly contact the team of DLVA. This agency is ruling the market from quite a long time and has been providing the customers with the best of the solution without much documentation work and that too in a legalized manner. This agency is known for providing the genuine outcome in the best possible manner which is acceptable in the UK.

Quick Facts About DVLA:

DVLA is the abbreviation of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency which is organized by UK government. This agency is holding the main responsibilities of maintaining the driver’s data; the UK government handles all the issues associated with driving data, license, registration of the vehicle for the citizens of the United Kingdom. It is also carried in some other areas like Northern Ireland on a large scale. The staff working under this government agency is highly skilled and understands the issue of the citizen and offers the solutions accordingly. As the technology has advanced, DLVA is now available to offer the online services where you can register for the requirement.


The Role Of DLVA For The UK Citizens:

The primary role of this agency is to handle all sorts of issues and database requirement with regards to vehicles. This place offers the services like excise duty collection for the vehicles,  providing the driving license, working on the road tax, and selling the registration on a personalized basis. This agency of Department for Transport is currently under the chief executive Oliver Morley. The agency allocated the fleet number which is considered to be the unique name of identification which is added to different log books called V5C registration certificates.

How The Fleet Operators Prove Benefits:

The operators who offer the fleet solutions hold years of experience in this field. These operators are designated with different roles and responsibilities such as handling the bulk taxation at the post office, collecting the documents of the vehicles and V85 and V11 reminders, accessing the support help desk, providing the solution to DVLA issues and identifying the vehicles assigned depending upon the fleet number. As the role of such operators is crucial, the employers make it a point to select the employees with great care to avoid future issues.

DLVA agency is one of the most efficient teams of Government Company that offers the best solution in less time span. The staff holds a good knowledge and have many rights while working on providing the license, collecting and saving the drivers and motors data and also dealing with the registration issue. Thanks to the online services, now you can contact the staff any time as the team is available for your service 24*7. In case, there is any problem; you can drop a mail or chat with them online and get the instant solution.

Four Things Where The DVLA Number Can Help You

There are some of the things that you need to do for your vehicle. To do the same, you are going to get a perfect support and that you will have to get from the main sites. There are some of the regular support that you will be going to get if you get to the site or contact them with the DVLA number. Here are the four areas, where you are going to get help with the number.

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Top Things You Can Get Out Of A DVLA Site

  • You can know the details of the vehicle tax and can get the different factors related to them. You can get the tax renewed online itself when you have the contact details of the DVLA. When you find the right support from there, you can also get the best tax update too. If you are looking for a second-hand car, you can get the perfect help with the taxes, that are shown on the site. If you are going out of the town, you need to intimate the same to the perfect authority. This DVLA number is going to give you the best support, there on. Here also, if you want to get the details of the SORN of any other vehicle, just get that DVLA details and get to the site. All the details you need are there.
  • You can renew your driving license, make any moderation on them, while you avail the DVLA details. You can easily update the details of the driving license and get it on your DVLA details easily. So, if you have got a driving license of some other person and you are looking for that person, the DVLA details can be really helpful for you.
  • Through the different V5C documents, your number plates can also be updated. Basically, the DVLA number plate is something that is often auctioned at high price rate. This is where a big difference is felt in the market.
  • The health condition of the engine and the driving features of the car are also to be known to anyone if they have the DVLA details with them. You can get the engine features of the car, that you are looking for and other details, from the site itself.

Thus, if you are really looking for some of the details related to your or some other vehicle, then the details of the different things can be known from the DVLA details. When you have got the name plate number and the site details, you are going to get the complete details from the site itself. One thing must be noted here. This is applicable only for the Britain mainland. So, you can get the details of the car owners or cars of that location only. You better reach out the site and get the complete details. You can also contact DVLA team and get the enlistment done. This will help you in your work and search.